Financial Planning

Many people think of Financial Planning as the provision of financial advice and it is true, this can often be a part of the process. But Financial Planning is much more than that. It is about how you use your money during your lifetime and at Oak Barn Financial Planning we use sophisticated financial planning software to bring your financial future to life before your very eyes.

We can tell you if and when you will ever run out money, or if not, how much more money you can spend each year. We analyse your income and expenditure in great detail and take into account any capital you will have throughout your life. We can demonstrate multiple scenarios to show what may or may not happen in any given situation. If appropriate, we can also show the financial effect of losing a major breadwinner in the family.

On divorce we are able to provide a ‘litmus test’ to a proposed financial settlement, showing what your future will look like in any number of given situations. This can provide you with the peace of mind to perhaps mediate or accept a settlement offer without going to court. Many people who have experienced this process choose to continue with regular reviews after the divorce to ensure they stay on track.

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