Obtaining specialist financial advice on your divorce is very important. Making the wrong decision because of incomplete information or a desire to settle matters quickly could have major financial consequences for the rest of your life.

Divorce Financial Settlement Advice

When it comes to dividing your financial assets, you could lose tens or even hundreds of thousands of pounds if they are not reviewed and valued professionally. We have experience of such cases and the sooner we get involved the more likely it is we can help. Even if a financial agreement has been reached in principle it may not be too late to change it.

At Oak Barn Financial Planning, we have the expertise to advise you on complex asset valuation, pension and tax planning opportunities. In addition, for divorce related work, we charge only for the time we spend on your affairs.


Advising divorcing couples about what to do with pension arrangements is extremely complex. It is not always advisable to simply divide pensions on the basis of the “Cash Equivalent Transfer Value” (CETV). We have a specialism in this area and can provide advice on:

  • In depth analysis of all pension schemes – which to transfer
  • Evaluation of the CETV *
  • Equalising pension payments *
  • State pensions
  • Pension sharing orders, attachment orders and/or offsetting
  • Implementing sharing orders and your options

(*Actuarial advice may be recommended)

Investments, other assets, tax planning

Divorce Financial Settlement Advice

Both parties are required to disclose all their matrimonial assets at some stage during the divorce. These can often include complex investments such as unit trusts, share portfolios, share options, life insurance policies etc. In our experience, values can be significantly and incorrectly depressed, which can go undetected.

We can evaluate the disclosures by either party and provide advice on:

  • Valuation of shareholdings, unit trusts, life insurance policies etc.
  • Capital gains tax and disposal costs
  • Transfer and tax treatment of property
  • Valuation of family trusts
  • Investing to provide income
  • Tax planning in year of separation
  • Preparation of annual tax return

Once you are divorced

Following divorce, you may find yourself having to consider tax, investments, pension planning and other major financial issues for the very first time. We can help you to make the most of your money and deal with all the financial planning, investment and taxation issues that will arise.

Your next step

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