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Divorce related

I found the meeting very useful and informative and thank you for explaining the whole complicated ‘pension business’ so clearly!

Mrs G, Hampshire

Thank you for seeing me last Monday and for explaining complex issues with such clarity.

Mrs P, Cambridge

I feel vulnerable because I do not understand the pension process at all. I always feel better once I have spoken to you!

Mrs A, Hampshire

First of all, I would like to thank you for all your help in the transfer of pension rights following my divorce. I’ve been delighted with your efficiency and your professional courtesy. I’m very grateful for your constant patience and understanding during the difficult year that 2010 proved to be for me. Thanks for all your help – I’m delighted that [my solicitor] put us in touch.

Mrs M, Surrey

I have to say since meeting you I feel a kind of guardian angel close by. Your knowledge and expertise of the situation I am in and I am sure thousands of others gives me such security of mind.

Mrs A, West Sussex

Thank you for your letter and for all the hard work (and extra frustrating stuff) you have done on my behalf. You have done your best to keep things streamlined. Thank you for that.

Mrs H, Surrey

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the kindness and understanding that you have shown me. If I know of anyone in the future that is going through a divorce I will be sure to give him or her your name.

Mrs A, Hampshire

Thank you very much for this comprehensive resume of our meeting. My solicitor has also received a copy and qualified it as highly professional and demonstrating a very high degree of knowledge in the subject area, and suggested she would step back (to avoid unnecessary duplicated costs) and let you handle it on both our behalf.

Mrs B, Shropshire

I would just like to put on record that although you were introduced by the "opposition", I came quickly to hold your services in high regard and placed great value on your help...

Mr B, Dorset

May I take this opportunity to thank you for all your advice and support over the last few weeks.

Mrs P, Surrey

I would just like to thank you once again for all your help and reassurance at this difficult time.

Mrs B, Surrey

Thank you for all your help. You have been BRILLIANT!

Mrs K, Surrey

Thank you so much for all your efforts and hard work throughout the pension sharing process.

Mrs R, Hertfordshire

I don't know if you recollect but [my wife] and I came to see you some time ago to discuss the options for splitting our pension as part of our separation agreement. Both [my wife] and I were very impressed by the session we had with you and now most of the arrangements are complete we would like to meet with you again to discuss our personal financial arrangements....

Mr and Mrs H, Surrey

I definitely see the value in having a financial plan done by you, especially given the excellent work you did on the pension revaluation.

Mrs R, Surrey

Thank you so much for your time and consideration for my situation. I greatly appreciate your advice and assistance. I’m finalising this matter!

Mrs M, Surrey

Thank you so much for doing that at such short notice. I would say we had a success!....So I couldn’t expect for a better decision really…..So thank you very much, it was helpful and timely..

Mrs N, Hampshire

I am writing to thank you very much for all the hard work done by yourself and your team on my behalf. It has been an extremely complicated set of circumstances and I am most grateful for the continued efforts in getting it sorted out!

Mrs W, Hampshire

Financial Planning related

I just wanted to put pen to paper to express my sincere thanks to you for looking after my finances.

Mrs D, Surrey

Thank you very much for setting out where we are now. I really appreciate you taking the time to do this as it is now quite clear in my mind. You have done an amazing job – worth a medal!

Mrs L, Camberley

In particular, I did want to thank Paul. We all know that it was his brainwave that facilitated the scheme that allowed it happen. It is a pleasure to deal with professionals who know their onions! I am so grateful.

Mr T, London

I found our meeting extremely useful and re-assuring – you guys are doing a grand job taking good care of my money.

Mrs F, Hampshire

I very much appreciated your prompt response and the efficient and good humoured way you suggested a response to the problem.

Mr F, Surrey

Thanks for getting me back on the road to understanding my finances in a better light.

Mrs J, Hampshire

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